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Sinclair Pack novels

Previously published works
Red Moon


Previously released August 1, 2013

Originally published with Escape Publishing

Rereleased June 12, 2023

Available from various retailers

Audiobook narrated by Javi Wilder

After escaping an abusive relationship, Evie Thompson has flourished in a newfound freedom she has no intention of giving up. Still, it's hard to ignore how Flynn Sinclair, the town's most handsome—and secretive—man seems intent on winning her over.


Falling for Evie is yet another selfish choice Flynn has made. Years ago, when he couldn't stand the bloodshed any longer, he abandoned his role as enforcer to his Alpha father's pack. He values the quiet life he's built in Alaska and the unexpected hope he's found for a brighter future. A future that might involve Evie, as long as he can keep his past and present lives separate.


But the call of duty isn't easy to ignore.


When his brother Connor's life is threatened, Flynn rushes to help. His decision to act ignites a battle with his father, one Flynn's avoided for too long. To protect those he loves, Flynn must embrace the monster he once was ... no matter the cost.

Reviewers' Choice Award badge for Single Titles in 2013

Winner of CataNetwork's Single Title Reviewers' Choice Award 2013 (Paranormal)


Previously released August 1, 2014

Originally published with Escape Publishing

Rereleased June 13, 2023

Available from various retailers

Audiobook narrated by Liam Lambert

Dana Patterson never considered her life in Alaska to be simple until she met Connor Sinclair. Becoming friends and roommates is a revelation. To everyone else, Connor is the darkly seductive owner of Vegas's hottest casino. In private, Dana gets to see a vulnerable side no one else knows about, making Connor a temptation she isn't sure she can resist.


Connor knew that openly siding with his brother Flynn against their unstable lycanthrope father would be dangerous. Flynn's victory against Rupert didn't end their family's war, and it's just a matter of time before they face his rage. Rooming with—and secretly protecting—Dana was the right thing to do. Falling into bed together was decidedly not. Dana believes Connor can break free of his ugly past, and if Connor wants their casual fling to grow deeper, he'll have to try.


But escaping the darkness is easier said than done.


When Dana is kidnapped, Connor must confront his father one last time. Winning the battle will make Connor the monster Dana fears most ... and may cost him her love forever.

Blood Moon


Previously released July 2014

Exclusive PDF short, Sinclair Pack #1.5


After surviving Rupert’s attack at the end of Red Moon, Flynn Sinclair is determined to marry Evie Hammond and spend every moment proving just how much he loves her. Fortunately, his brothers are more than willing to help him accomplish his goal.

Moon Dance by M.A. Grant book cover
Moon Dance
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