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Frequently Asked Questions

Is THE DARKEST COURT series available in print?

At this time, there is no discussion of THE DARKEST COURT or THE WHITETHORN AGENCY series being published in print in English by their original publisher. The only paperback copies available are from my personal stash of author copies, which is why they are in such limited supply. I will use these copies for giveaways or fundraisers sometimes, which I announce on my social media accounts or in my quarterly newsletter.

If you would like to get these books in print, the best advice I can give is for you to contact Carina Press to express your interest in seeing these titles published in physical form.

Carina Press has offered limited print rights for PRINCE OF AIR AND DARKNESS to Rainbow Crate. I don't know if there are plans to release the other two books in the series through Rainbow Crate, but the best place to find out more about this is through Rainbow Crate's website or social media channels.

Do you accept friend requests/follow back on your social media accounts?

I don't auto-accept or auto-follow those who reach out through social media, but will accept requests every now and then. I promise it's nothing personal; I try to keep my accounts manageable for my mental health and privacy.

When you do giveaways, do you ship prizes outside the United States?

Usually! On rare occasions I'll warn that a giveaway is for U.S. residents only, but I usually try to keep giveaways open to anyone. My newsletter drawings are always open to domestic and international entrants.

Why do you tend to only send out newsletters four times a year?

Honestly, it's because my "real" job is exhausting and I don't want to burn out on the newsletters by pushing myself beyond what I can take on. I also really struggle with writing the newsletters in the first place (there's a reason I don't have a blog, or post on social media often, too!), so I try to focus on short and sweet updates in the newsletter. If you have any ideas of things you'd like to see in a future newsletter though, let me know! I love getting new ideas for content.

If I send out newsletters beyond the quarters, it's for something special!

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