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Accidentally Undercover

Accidentally Undercover

ACCIDENTALLY UNDERCOVER, a new, queer, shared series featuring everyday people falling in love–and in the line of fire.

Series cover art designed by Jo Clement Designs.


Releasing April 23

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Sam Walch has never tried to match up to his flashy, high-spirited twin brother Brad in anything—school, sports, or romance. Competing against Brad only led to disappointment and heartbreak, which is why Sam stayed in town after their mom's death and let Brad take off for grander adventures. After years being stuck in neutral, Sam finally plans a dream trip to Malta to start a new chapter in his life. Too bad a hospital phone call about his long-lost brother comes just days before he's due to step onto the plane.

Agent Nicolas Conti and his promotion-minded colleague Brad Walch had an easy gig: observe the target, seduce and infiltrate, and gather the intelligence needed to take down the guy's boss. But a stupid accident lands Brad in the hospital instead of their target's bed and leaves Nicolas holding the bag. With time on the op running out, he has no choice but to convince (okay, blackmail) Brad's twin Sam to step in and cover, so they can finish this final job and punch his ticket to freedom.

The only problem? Sam is nothing like Brad, a fact Nicolas finds harder to ignore every passing day. The op seems doomed to fail, until Sam catches the target's attention by being ... himself. Now Nicolas has to decide which is more important: using Sam to get out of the spy game for good, or protecting the self-sacrificing man from everyone, including himself.

UNDER HIS NAME is part of the ACCIDENTALLY UNDERCOVER shared romantic suspense series.

- violence
- mentions of illegal activity, including human trafficking
- discussions of parental death and illness
Under His Name
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